[kml_flashembed movie=”http://ianwallacedreams.com/wp-content/uploads/flash/low-slow-clouds.swf” height=”180″ width=”240″ /]Dreams. We all have them. Every single one of us. And every week hundreds of dreamers contact me, keen to find out what their dreams really mean. I really do appreciate this level of interest and trust in my expertise but as a busy working psychologist, there are only so many individual dreams I can analyse and reply to.

I always try to respond to dreamers who appear to be in genuine need or some sort of crisis and also to dreams that I personally find interesting and intriguing. And to be perfectly honest, the more charming the email from the dreamer, the more likely I am to reply to it!

If I don’t manage to reply to your dream question, please use the search box on the site to find a dream similar to your one. You will more than likely find some meaningful information there, either in the Dream Diary or the Nodcasts.