Hi Ian,
Both my parents died when they were relatively young (47 & 56).I was 14 when my father died and am now 55.  I had an excellent relationship with both of them but whenever I have dreamt about them they are angry with me which is very upsetting.  Also in the dreams they are always suffering from their final illnesses.

When we dream that other people are angry with us, we are usually feeling angry with our own behaviour but  are finding it difficult or inappropriate to express this anger in waking life.  The frustrated feelings of anger that you are experiencing are probably a result of the sad loss of your parents at a relatively young age. Even though your parents could not help it, you still feel annoyed that they left you on your own.

The anger in your dream is a direct and honest expression of how you feel as you attempt to come to terms with your feelings of abandonment and the premature loss of their parental love and guidance.  Losing your parents at a young age means that you had to grow up quickly and some of your anger is caused by the loss of your own teenage years.

Dreaming of their final illnesses shows that even after all this time, you are still ill at ease with your own feelings of being abandoned. Although you had an excellent relationship with both your parents, you still need to acknowledge your own angry feelings so that you can finally begin to accept your loss and move on.