hi ian how are you? i heard you on bbc southern counties radio the othernight and wanted to ask your advice on something. im 25 years old and i have a reoccuring dream about aeroplanes where im watching them in the sky and they land awkward or something happens but i feel nervous. i looked in a dream book and it said that people who have these dreams could have an abused past, and its true coz i was raped when i was 16. i wondered if you could give me any further advice or information on this, i would be very grateful. hope to hear from you. take care. x

Thanks for getting touch and thanks for sharing your dream.  When we dream about aeroplanes, we are usually reflecting on plans that we are thinking about in our waking lives. The aeroplanes and the routes they take through the sky symbolise those plans and where they might take us.

Your dream suggests that there are a number of plans that you have in life but you feel nervous about embarking on any of them in case they end awkwardly or something goes wrong with them.

This nervousness and lack of confidence in following through the plans you make probably has its roots in the trauma you suffered when you were 16.  However, although you may now find it difficult to trust people and have the same level of confidence that you had before your traumatic experience, the only way to move forward and realise your dreams is to begin to truly build up your confidence and trust in others.

The most natural and secure way to be able to confide in others and trust them is to trust your own self and to have confidence in what you do. Although it can be challenging sometimes to have real trust and confidence in what we do, just think of situations in your life where you are really confident and certain of what you are doing. Try and hold that feeling so you can remember it, and then when you encounter a situation where you don’t feel so confident, then just remember that feeling and let you confidence build.

The more you do this, the more confident in yourself you will become, and before you know it you will be flying the aeroplanes in your dreams and guiding them into perfect landings!