Hi Ian
I have a recurring dream where I hear a noise in the basement. I decide to go and investigate but instead of making my way down to the basement, I go looking for the source of the noise in the attic. I tell myself that I do this because the basement is dark and wet and the attic is light and airy, but every time I find myself in the attic I get really annoyed and keep wondering how I end up there. What is going on?
Thanks, Chris

When you dream about a noise, it usually indicates that something is changing in your waking life and that you are being presented with the chance to make the most of this change. The basement often represents your emotional life and how you relate to your feelings and experiences. The attic tends to symbolise your thoughts and ideas and how you logically try to work things out.

The noise in the basement is an opportunity to explore some feelings about past experiences that you have been keeping locked away. These feelings have started to affect your waking life and you are looking for ways to come to terms with them and move on. Your usual approach to these feelings is to treat them lightly and airily, rather than investigating them in a bit more depth.

However, trying to work through your deeper feelings from an intellectual perspective is never  effective and so you just end up feeling annoyed and frustrated. Instead of constantly theorising about your past experiences, the best way to resolve your feelings is to discuss them with someone who you trust. As you open up to them, you will also open yourself up to valuable new opportunities.