Dear Ian, Would you please be so kind and let me know what the meaning is of the next two dreams.

1st dream:
I dream I was in the bath. And the bath became this long (but narrow) swimming pool. And I was swimming so nicely, like never before. I remember  this amazing feeling of peace and joy.

2nd dream:
I was at this function where I met so many people. Mostly true women friends. (that I don’t have a lot of at the moment)The one girl had to leave  to go back to her house. And she sent me a present with a necklace, white bikini. Thank you kindly for your help.

Dream Meanings
In your first dream, when we dream of water we are usually reflecting on our feelings and emotions. Dreaming of being in a bath suggests that you are feeling comfortable and relaxed in your emotions. The bath growing into a long swimming pool indicates the potential for your emotional world to grow and to carry you forward through life. Feeling peaceful and joyful shows your contentment in waking life by understanding the importance of your feelings and how you can feel fulfilled by acknowledging them.

In your second dream, the people at the function symbolise potential ways for you to develop and grow in your life, with the true women friends representing parts of your own identity that you are intimate and comfortable with.  When we dream of a house, we are dreaming about our self as we experience it at the moment, so the one girl going back to her house is you reflecting on your current self amongst all the possibilities of the people you could be. A necklace celebrates and draws attention to the union between mind and body and a bikini symbolises that you are not afraid to show your vulnerability and that you are proud of your intuitive awareness. This suggests that you are using both your head and your heart in waking life and that you are being open and honest with yourself and others.

Both dreams suggest that you will make the most of the opportunities that are developing in your life just now by being open and honest about your needs, and not being afraid to speak your truth as you step into your power.