Do I have the power to control my dreams?

How do I recognize a lucid dream?
We all have the power to dream. But the first step to experiencing a lucid dream is recognising that you are in fact dreaming. It’s not as easy as it sounds and not quite as simple as employing the traditional pinch.

It may sound a little unusual, but just like when we are exploring any intriguing situation, we do this by looking out for clues.
We can identify these clues that we can create in our dreams by being on the look-out for anything that appears strange or out of context. And to help us, we can use a powerful connection process to
recognise them and work with them.

We’ll start with actually identifying the clue.
Look out for something unusual appearing to be happening in the dream, something out of context that may not routinely happen in your waking life.

For example, you are just walking down a street in your dream when you begin to float away from the ground and start flying.
Identifying the clue is followed by owning the power that the dream creates. In a flying dream, for example, this is recognising that you now have the power to fly.

After identifying and owning the clue, next up is making choices with it. If it’s a flying dream you can chose the destination and decide what’s the best route to take.

And finally – after identifying, owning and choosing the clue – using it.

Rather than just dismissing the clue that’s been created in the dream, this stage is all about making choices about how to use this power to take positive and healthy action in the dream.

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