Episode 6 of the fabulous Bellamy’s People has a brilliant spoof of a dream interpreter, played by the wonderful Lucy Montgomery. You can catch the show on the BBC iPlayer and the dream interpretation starts at about 3 minutes and 20 seconds. It made me weep with laughter because it is such an accurate potrayal of how most self acclaimed dream analysts/doctors/experts work.

However, the dream that Gary shared sounds exactly like the sort of dream that Paul Whitehouse might have. According to Johnny Depp, Paul is the best character actor in the world and I imagine that the boundaries can become very blurred between his real self and the characters that he so skilfully plays. Here is the dream…

‘I was in my bed and the wardrobe fell on me and completely covered me with all its contents.’

…and that suggests that the dreamer habitually hides his true self behind an array of assumed identities. The dreamer does this to please others and be accepted socially but he can find it quite overwhelming. Sometimes it can be a great release to shrug off old habits and just be his real self.

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