When I was very young I used to have very bad dreams that I was in a big field looking up at the sky big white clouds started to chase me so I ran and ran and kept running until I came to the edge which was a sheer drop with no bottom to it before I went over I would wake up crying although I don’t dream it any more I still think off it after 70 years.

Dream Meaning
When we dream of the sky, we are considering our mind and how we use it to perceive the world around us. Dreaming about clouds indicates that we are reflecting on the thoughts that come into our mind. Sometimes these thoughts can be turbulent and stormy; sometimes they can just lazily drift through our minds.

The clouds in your dream represent your emerging self awareness as young child. Up until this point in your life, you would have had the impression that your thoughts came from somewhere else, but then you begin to realise that they actually happen in your own mind. The thoughts that appeared in your mind would rise up from feelings and impulses that you were experiencing. Some of these thoughts would arise from naughty impulses and would arrive in your mind like big white clouds.

You felt that these naughty thoughts were chasing you in some way, encouraging you to do bad things. Your fear was that if you acted on these naughty thoughts and did these bad things, then your parents would punish you and withdraw all their love and support. As a young child this would seem like the end of the world for you; a sheer drop with no bottom.