Dear Ian,
I had a dream the other night that haunts me. I was in a busy crowded street when a dog singled me out and bit my arm, and wouldn’t let go. It followed me holding on to my arm, i was in pain and everyone around me thought it was funny.
Can you help me understand this dream?

When we dream about a street, we are often thinking about how we navigate through a particular part of our life. The busy crowds suggest that you have a lot of other people making demands on your time and space. The dog symbolises someone who came into your life and somehow latched on to you. Although you are doing your best to help them, they seem ungrateful to you.

Your arm represents your freedom of action and your ability to reach out to others. However, this person who is dogging your every movement is preventing you from doing what you really want to do. This restriction of your freedom is proving to be a bit of a pain for you and is making you question your loyalty to this person. The people who are laughing in your dream indicate that you think that this is a ridiculous situation to be in.

Although you are a very loyal and caring person, it seems that this person does not appreciate your loyalty and help and is just taking you for granted. Rather than have them hanging around you all the time, you need to start keeping them at arms length by giving priority to your own needs.