Hello Ian, I often dream that I am out in a dark scary forest walking a big black dog like a labrador or retriever. The dog is on a lead and I am not sure where we are going. I realise that the dog seems to be floating a few inches off the ground. Then it begins to wag its tail and it starts lifting higher and higher until it is flying along above me like a balloon, lifting my arm above my head. I can’t see where I am going in the forest but the dog seems to know where it is going. Then I find my own feet lifting off the ground and I end up floating across the tree tops being carried along by the black dog balloon.

Dream Meaning
When we dream of a dog we are often thinking about our capacity for loyalty and trust in our waking lives. A black dog indicates that you probably find it difficult to trust your own self and this can sometimes make you feel depressed. Although  feeling a little bit down  may colour your thoughts and seem to influence the path that you take, you have it under control.

The dark forest represents the unknown areas in your life and shows that you are often unsure of your own abilities when doing something unfamiliar in waking life. However, as you continue deeper into an unknown area, you start to trust yourself more and your mood begins to lift. As your spirits rise you become happier and happier, and rather than being dogged by self doubt, you feel confident in your ability to progress doggedly on.

The deeper that you go into unfamiliar areas, the more you trust yourself and this can be really liberating for you as it enables you to rise above any dark moods and lingering self doubt. In waking life, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Your dogged determination and loyalty to others will always heighten your experience and help you see the bigger picture.