Was at a busy what i thought was a zoo.There were many people outside of a lions cage,a little boy was playing near the bars,when the lion which was Black managed to break free.The lion was very menacing and scary and was approaching the little boy.All of the people were standing watching with fear.There was a spade in a mound of earth,i know that i had to pick up the spade and rescue the boy.Was walking towards the spade when i woke up!
Thanks for taking the time to read this message,hopefully you can help.
Yours sincerely,Paul.

Dreaming of a zoo usually suggests that there is a situation in your waking life where you are trying to keep your natural creative instincts under control. Although you want to be able to understand and display your innate talents, you are concerned that expressing them will result in some wild and uncontrollable behaviour that might cause chaos for you. The little boy symbolises your growing awareness of your own artistic potential.

The lion represents your pride in your ability to perform and to express yourself confidently.  Its black colour suggests that you have not fully recognised your  own creative potential and you are still exploring it. As the lion approaches the little boy, it shows that you are afraid about appearing too confident about your abilities and are concerned that you sometimes might be seen to be just showing off.

This makes you consider how you can honestly and authentically express yourself and you realise that the only way is through hard practical work. The spade reflects your need to dig down deeper into your own talents. The more groundwork that you do now, the easier it will be for you to establish a solid foundation for expressing your true creativity.