Hi Ian
I was just wondering if perhaps you could analyse my dream??? I had three dreams in the same night, waking up fully between them all. The first one was a docter telling me that my boyfriend had terminal cancer, and i had to break the news to him myself. The second involved me having to tell both our friends and family about the cancer. The third involved us trying to find a hospice for his last living days,but i was obviously upset and was trying to explain that i wanted to look after him at home, which i am capable of as i am a nurse. I obviously found these dreams very disturbing and upsetting. I would really appreciate and would be very grateful of an interpretation.

When a woman dreams about a man who is close to her, she is often considering the more masculine aspects of her personality that he symbolises for her. In this dream, your boyfriend is probably representing your confidence and your ability to assert yourself. When we dream about cancer, we are often reflecting on a situation in waking life that we feel may be growing out of control. There is some situation in your waking life where you feel confident and would like to be more assertive but you fear that if you do, then things will grow out of control and something special will come to an end.

Your need to look after your boyfriend indicates that you spend a lot of time looking after people in waking life, both professionally and in your private life. You usually put the needs of others before your own needs. However, for your own health, you need to look after your own needs too. You are worried that if you do try to assert your own needs then it will end in tears. The hospice symbolises the fact that you would like to be looked after sometimes, rather than always feeling that you have to look after others first.

The best to resolve these dreams is to sometimes put your own needs before the needs of others by using the word ‘No’ now and again. You don’t have to say ‘No’ to everything; just start off with some small things and work your way up to the bigger issues where your own needs are really not being met. This is not being selfish; you can only really look after others when you look after yourself by clearly stating your own needs. Be confident and be bold. If things seem to be spiralling out of control, just stand your ground and clearly state your needs without becoming too emotionally involved.