Hi Ian, I have been having this horrible recurring dream where my boyfriend makes me a big frothy cappuccino but when I try to drink it the milk foam seems to blow up all around my face so no-one can see me. I start choking on the foam and can’t say anything. I keep trying to get through the milky foam to the coffee but there doesn’t seem to be any coffee in there and the milk always tastes a bit sour. What does this mean?

Dream Meaning
When we dream of milk we are often reflecting on where we are nurtured and shown kindness in our waking lives. In reality, your boyfriend probably treats you very kindly and considerately but you often feel completely smothered by his kindness. He spends so much time looking after you that you feel no one can see the real you underneath.

Although you want to tell him that he is smothering you with affection, you choke at the last moment and never actually tell him your true feelings. Dreaming of coffee usually indicates a need for stimulation in waking life and you are constantly hoping that your boyfriend will do something stimulating rather than just being affectionate. This constant smothering is leaving a sour taste in your mouth because you feel your relationship is all froth with no substance underneath.

Rather than allowing your relationship to go sour and just turn into yet another cheesy romance, you need to tell your boyfriend about your need for some excitement rather than constant pampering. You should be less passive in your relationship and arrange some new and exciting experience for you both. This will take him out of his comfort zone and give you the chance to look after him for a change.