Hello there Ian, I’ve had two very vivid dreams recently and both of them involved actually being killed!
The first one was at a carnival where we wernt strapped onto the ride properly and I went to complain afterwards the carnival guy ended up stabbing me in the chest as I tried to turn away he stabbed me in the back and I died!
In the second one my friend was attacked in a house but the guy shot me in the head with no reason!
Would love to know the meanings of these???


Hi Becky, a carnival symbolises a situation in your waking life where you are playing around with some ideas for the future. Although these ideas are exciting, they may have their ups and downs and this is making you feel insecure. The best way to make yourself feel more secure is to be more assertive in how you put your ideas into action and this is reflected in your second dream. Being shot in the head symbolises that you sometimes think that other people will just shoot your ideas down, so you need to be much more confident in how you express your plans to others.