Carol McGiffin recently tweeted about her recurring handbag dream. In her tweet she says ‘I spend my entire sleeping life looking for my handbag. My dreams are becoming so repetitive. What’s that all about?’

In further tweets she expresses her frustrations saying ‘The thing with the handbag is, I never find it and I always wake up thinking: sh*t, I’ve got to cancel my credit cards AGAIN.’ and ‘I really want to find it and spend the whole night looking for it!, I don’t value my credit cards, I have to cancel them and I’m annoyed because it’s annoying having to do that!’ . In other dreams, Carol is always ‘trying to find a loo that she can use where people can’t see her going,  ending up in all sorts of places, still watched‘.

When we dream, handbags symbolise how we feel about our potential for personal fulfilment in waking life. A handbag is a very individual item and we unconsciously use it to reflect our social status and identity. Losing her handbag in a dream suggests that Carol is feeling challenged about how she can use her unique talents to fulfil her personal ambitions in waking life. Having to always cancel her credit cards indicates that her ambitions are often frustrated because she doesn’t take enough credit for her own talents.

Not taking enough credit for her own abilities is also reflected in the toilet dreams. Dream of trying to find a loo suggests that in waking life, Carol spends more time looking after the needs of others, rather than looking after her own needs. By attending to the needs of others and letting them take credit for what she does, Carol can find it challenging to have her own talents fully appreciated by others. This may happen in professional situations and also in closer personal relationships, where Carol may find it a challenge to assert her value and fully express her own needs.

To move on from these dreams, Carol should be more open about taking credit for her own creativity and and feel free to assert her own needs when she feels that her creative efforts are not being recognised by others.

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