Hi Dr Wallace,
I don’t know if you can help me with my recurring dream. I hope so because it is a nasty one.
I am in a castle tunnel which is about 3 feet wide, and has steps and doors to go through. The only way out is through a hole in the stone floor which is obviously too small to get through, but I try anyway. I always go down head first with my arms to my side and get stuck. I try to wriggle backwards but end up getting tighter and tighter.
I wake up and have to get dressed and go for a walk around the block because I have difficulty getting my breath. My sister used to lock me in the cupboard, down the cellar and trap me under the blankets when I was 4 or 5 years old and wondered if it was something to do with that.
Can you cast a light or give me any idea why I have this dream.

Many thanks

Dream Meaning
Experiencing recurring dreams is often an indication that we may be habitually repeating certain behaviors in our waking lives that no longer feel appropriate for our own healthy progress. Once we change our relationship to these behaviors or beliefs these dreams should no longer have any reason to reappear.

When we dream about a castle we are often contemplating our own self (as when dreaming about a house), however a castle signifies a more robust or defended self and may also encompass familial influences, as castles often housed extended family.

In your dream you are in the narrow tunnels of the castle, indicating that you are exploring some belief structures that have been fundamental to your development in the past but now appear to be self-limiting. The steps and doors may be reflecting steps to take and thresholds to cross in your waking life.

The hole in the stone floor reveals itself to you as an opportunity to move through these limitations and to come out the other side. You take this opportunity and ‘always go down head-first’, implying that you always use your head, maybe creating theories or concepts to try to resolve this tension. Arms usually represent our ability to take action, so having your arms by your side, shows that you are perhaps not following through with the action needed to support your theories. Having made a start, you realize that you are not expressing yourself fully in this way and you try to ‘wriggle’ out of it, maybe backtracking but find yourself becoming more and more restricted.

This dream reflects a desire to express yourself fully and break free from limiting beliefs. Acting upon your new outlook has the potential to be a very empowering experience, enabling you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and walk boldly into an expansive future!