A number of dreamers, predominantly those who are a bit older and more mature, have been reporting Cat in Bin dreams. These dreamers have been weaving the imagery and emotions associated with the Coventry cat bin dump woman Mary Bale into their own unconscious awareness.

In these dreams, the dreamers are horrified to find that a stranger is dumping their beloved cats into rubbish bins or abandoning them at recycling centres. Some of the dreamers report that they are rescuing cats from passing bin lorries and then giving them something to eat.

When we dream, cats usually symbolise our independence and autonomy, particularly the ability to make creative decisions and then act on them. Rubbish bins often represent a concern that something precious and unique is being wasted.

Dreaming of a stranger intentionally putting a cat in a bin suggests that the dreamer has made a decision that has resulted in a loss of independence. Although they may have made this choice for reasons of security, or to please someone else, they are now realising that their own unique talents are going to waste.

Rescuing a cat from a bin lorry indicates that the dreamer is trying to rescue their independence from a corporate juggernaut and are looking for ways to feed their own independent ambitions.

Perhaps Mary Bale, hurrying to care for her dying father, felt unconsciously trapped in the restrictive tedium of her own job as a bank teller and that her own independence and autonomy was headed for the scrap heap.

Although she probably meant no intentional harm to the unfortunate cat, her unconscious awareness triggered this moment of madness in its own cry for help.

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