Chris Evans shared a dream during his show on Friday 21st May. His dream was that ‘he had been sailing around the world on a galleon, discovering new lands. He returned home in his dream to find his 15 month old son Noah spraying creosote on his fence’.

Suzie, from the show’s production team asked if I would analyse the dream for Chris, so here is what it means…

Dreaming about being on a world tour on a sailing ship shows that Chris has recently been exploring a whole new world of emotions in his waking life. The new land that he has been discovering is even more common ground between himself and Natasha and the fact that he is on a sailing ship reflects that this journey of discovery is being propelled by all the ideas and memories that they have been sharing in their conversations.

Returning home to find white-nappied Noah creosoting the fence indicates that Chris is becoming aware that he needs to preserve his personal family boundaries. Although he is a wonderfully warm hearted and generous man and is very open about his feelings, he also wants to protect the precious intimacy of his private life.

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