Christopher Nolan is a wonderfully gifted storyteller but his latest film ‘Inception’ is just that – a story. It’s a fantastic story but not a real reflection of how lucid dreams can be created and used. In the film, Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) proclaims ‘We create the dream, we bring the subject into that dream, and they fill it with their secrets’.

Although there are certain methods that can be used to induce a lucid dreaming state, a dream can only be truly created by the dreamer. Even though Cobb and his cronies try to control the dream, it is unlikely that the dreamer will divulge any secrets in a format that they can understand. When they are desperately searching for a vital piece of information, they are more likely to find the dreamer washing a giraffe or looking for a packet of biscuits.

It is possible to share dreams and this works best with dreamers who have recently shared and intense and powerful experience in waking life. Christopher Nolan is trying to share his own dream of what a 21st century film should be and Inception will either draw you into his dream world or leave you yawning and confused.


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