Hi Ian
I have been dreaming that I’m at the cinema and am just settling down to watch a film when some men dressed like bank robbers start running down the aisles. They are wearing masks and shotguns and are looking for the projectionist so they can have the film changed from a romantic one to a children’s cartoon about robots. What does this mean?
Thanks, Viv

When you dream about a cinema, you are usually thinking about your own life story and how it is developing and progressing. The fact that you are just settling down to watch the film suggests that you are entering a new chapter in your life and are starting to get comfortable in your new role. Although you are looking forward to being settled in this new situation, there is some factor that is threatening to disrupt it.

This disruptive factor is probably some tension that has been building up in your romantic relationship. Dreaming of bank robbers shows that you feel that you are not being truly valued in this relationship and that is making you question your further commitment to it. The robbers’ masks indicate that your romantic partner is not being as open and honest with you as you would like.

You also feel that your partner is somehow changing your relationship from a romantic love story into to something more shallow and immature where true feelings are never expressed. However, you are part of this drama, not just an audience member, so you still have the power to give this story the happy ending that you desire.