Hello Ian, I was climbing out of a swamp, being chased by a large machine with two big clamps on the front, opening and closing. I ran and ran but didn’t seem to go very far. When the machine had caught up to me I woke up, frightened. When I went back to sleep I found myself climbing back out of the swamp and the whole thing started all over again. This happened several times until in the final dream I saw the daughter of one of my teachers picking wild flowers by the roadside and thought, now I am safe. I did not have the dream again.

Dream Meaning

A swamp symbolises a situation in waking life where the dreamer is getting bogged down in minor details that they need to quickly move on from. The machine represents the realisation that the dreamer can produce an outcome of great practical value by taking individual action rather than feeling they just have to go through certain procedures to keep other people happy. The teacher’s daughter picking flowers symbolises that the waking life situation has been a practical learning process that has helped one of the dreamer’s unique talents to blossom.