Hello Ian
I am in a safe house for spies and all the rooms are tiled in white like in a public toilet or a mental house. The rooms are full of all sorts of different coloured bottles. A crazy skinny screaming woman is chasing me in the house and I lock myself in the bathroom but she is banging on the door to break it. I am terrified and I know that she wants to kill me  She screams my name all the time and sometimes she threatens me – other times she tells me she is in love with me. I know that she will smash all the bottles and then drown me in the bath if I let her in.

The safe house in your dream symbolises your own self and your need to feel safe and secure. The different rooms in the house represent the different aspects of your own character. Tiled white rooms suggest that you always try to keep your emotions under tight control so that you don’t end up in any messy situations. Although you appear calm and in control to the people around you, the coloured bottles show that you are bottling all your feelings up inside you.

Your emotional self appears in your dreams as the skinny, crazy woman. She is skinny because you are limiting your emotional growth by keeping other people at a distance and she is shouting crazily because you try not to listen to your own real feelings in waking life. By locking yourself in the bathroom, you are trying to lock away your own needs but they just won’t go away.

You are terrified to express your needs to other people in case you might release a whole lot of bottled up feelings and end up drowning in self pity. However, you need to find a healthy outlet for your feelings, rather than just spying on them from a safe distance.