Hello Ian, I keep having this reocurring dream where people are trying to blow up a dam that’s holding back a big deep reservoir. Sometimes it’s me trying to blow it up, sometimes it’s this army of freedom fighters. Somewhere in the dam is a big powerhouse for generating electricity.  I know it needs to be switched on somehow but I can never seem to find the switch.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about a dam, we are considering how we can control our emotions and hold back our feelings in our waking lives. You have deep and powerful emotions but are unsure how to express them successfully. Instead of of going through the correct channels, you often want to break down any barriers that are preventing you from freely expressing your true feelings.

However, instead of letting your feelings run freely, you consciously attempt to control your emotions by barricading them inside you. The pressure behind this self imposed barrier builds up and builds up and you are concerned that your real feelings will unexpectedly come flooding out in a huge emotional outburst. You want to avoid being seen in floods of tears or being emotionally drained by others, so you are desperately looking for a positive way to communicate your powerful feelings.

In waking life, the powerhouse  is usually situated at the bottom of the dam because this is where the water is deepest and the pressure is strongest. You need to reflect on the source of your deepest feelings and why you keep holding them back. If you can honestly express these feelings you will experience a surge of confidence that should be very illuminating for you.