I have recurring dreams about train stations. The train stations in my dream are not familiar and i always feel in great danger. If the station is underground i usually have to go through the tunnel to get away from the danger but at the same time am scared that the train will come. I  am 25 and have been having this dream for about 6 or 7 years. Thank you.

When we dream about trains we are often reflecting on how our career is progressing in our waking life. Different trains represent different career opportunities and the train stations symbolise how you can embark on those opportunities. The unfamiliar stations show that you are unsure of the best way to actually enter into a career that you would find personally fulfilling.

This uncertainty causes your feelings of anxiety because you feel in danger of letting your unique individual talents go to waste.  You would like to move on from your current job which you find unfulfilling but this requires traveling into the unknown. The tunnel represents this unknown path but you are scared to go through with it because of the weight of expectations that you feel you have upon you.

You are also concerned that if you take this unknown path then a real opportunity that you have been waiting for in your current job will come along and you will miss your chance to get fully on board with it.   The best way to get your career on track is to decide what work you would find most professionally fulfilling and then make a timetable to land your dream job.