Hi Ian,
I keep having recurrent bad dreams about haunted schools. These would be schools in streets that I was familiar with – including one recurrent nightmare in my secondary school where I am trying to find a lost love letter. The school buildings in the dreams always appear partially destroyed and derelict or ruined and neglected.

When we dream about a school, we are often reflecting on what we have learned in our lives and the value of those experiences. The haunted schools suggest that there is an important lesson from your life that you have either forgotten, or are just ignoring. This is emphasised by the fact that the school buildings always appear derelict or neglected.

Although you are neglecting this fundamental life lesson in everyday life, you know deep down what you really need to do. As well as academic study, some of the key lessons that people learn in secondary school are often about their romantic connections with other people. The issue that is troubling you is likely to be a recurrent and destructive pattern that ruins your romantic relationships.

You probably neglected your own needs in your first schoolgirl romances because you were very keen to be loved and accepted by the object of your affections. However, this usually leads to a situation in adult life where you become clingy and needy, rather than enjoying your independence and establishing clear boundaries with your partner. Until you begin to clearly express your needs, this old pattern will keep coming back to haunt you.