I’m in a room which (although it & nothing in it is familiar in real life) I know for certain is mine. It has a lovely wooden floor – varnished, warm coloured wood. There are a couple of other people in the room who I know (again, only in the dream, no-one I could identify as knowing in real life). I’m aware that the floor is starting to disappear and start to remove items that are valuable to me. The other people help and by the time the floorboards are reduced to short lengths jutting out around the edges, I’m happy that I’ve retrieved everything I want already. Through the whole process I feel quite calm and it’s all very methodical, there’s no sense of rush and it’s almost as if the hole is only growing to match the pace at which I’m able to remove what I need.

I can see down that the hole is deep – easily 3 or 4 storeys down. I know I have to end up down there at some point but again feel no fear about this. The hole isn’t dark, gloomy or menacing, it’s actually very brightly lit (I don’t remember seeing lighting as such) and it looks like a large cavern, the rock is a warm terracotta/sandy colour. I’m aware of other people down there, not many, but enough to give me a good idea of the scale of the hole.

I move out of the room & open the door to another which has my bed in it and my ex partner is in there smiling away. I’m very irritated by this & tell him to bugger off! (When I woke up I felt most indignant that the toerag had dared appear in my dream full stop – I haven’t had any contact with this person for several years in real life and have no compulsion to do so in any form. I have a fabulous partner now & we have a fantastic relationship). 

I go back to the room with no floor & I know I have to drop through the hole at some point. I still feel no fear, more an accepting calm curiosity. I woke up before I took the step.

Everything I’ve read about disappearing floors & large holes seemed very negative and also related to darkness, the hole in my dream was the very opposite, almost inviting.

I’m hoping you can make sense of it where I haven’t been able to.


Dream Meaning
When we dream about the floor of a room, we are usually thinking about our own belief structures and about where we stand, it can also have a very physical aspect to it as well, for example an actual change of circumstance in our waking life.

As the floorboards start to disappear, or as your viewpoint starts to shift, you busy yourself gathering the valuable resources you feel you need to prepare for this change. You are contented that you have everything you want and the process seems quite straightforward and methodical. As the hole appears it is quite literally creating the space for this rich transformation to occur.

When the cavern is revealed, it is brightly lit and very deep, the light will signify that of your own growing awareness and the cavern may be seen as an invitation opening up for you to go deeper into previously unexplored aspects of your nature.

Moving to the other room you find your ex-partner in your bed smiling away. Our bed is the place where we feel most relaxed and of course dream. Your ex-partner will represent an aspect of your character imbued with particular qualities of his, it is this part of you that is enjoying the widening opportunities being brought to light and although you feel no fear about what is happening, a part of you can feel irritated and indignant about the seemingly smug appearance of that aspect.

In essence your dream seems to reflect a change in your personal circumstances that you know has to happen. Deep down you feel quite contented that everything is progressing the way it should, but where there is change there is inevitably some readjustment to be done, this dream seems to encourage you to let go and enjoy the richness of your newfound depths.