Hi Ian, I have very vivid dreams., and sometimes a few days later I can’t remember if I dreamed a situation or if it actually happened. Also, when I have nightmares they are always natural disasters. Like volcanoes or tornados and I’m running away. Or hahaha aliens and zombie apocalypse. When I run or fight in these dreams I’m either very weak or too slow.

Hi Laura, when you dream of natural disasters, they usually symbolise that there is a powerful opportunity emerging in your day-to-day life. Although this might leave you feeling a bit shaken up, it also shows your hidden reserves of power and talent. Volcanoes symbolise that you are worried that you might blow your top and tornadoes indicate that your mind is in turmoil about what you need to do. The aliens and zombies suggest that you are just going through the motions in a job in waking life, so you need to look for professional opportunities where you can use your unique talents.