Hi Ian
I am upstairs in my detached house, looking out to some distant hills. I can hear water running down the side of the house. Some one comes in to the house with a key but I pretend that I’m not there. They go about making lunch – I can smell food cooking I worry that they may come upstairs so I try to close the door to the room that I am in – but it is only a piece of fabric – no door.

Dreaming of being upstairs in a house shows that you are looking at your life from a rational and theoretical perspective. You are spending a lot of time thinking about ideas and concepts that will help you to make sense of your current situation. This lofty viewpoint helps you to distance yourself from other people and to remain emotionally detached.

The visitor with the key is someone who is making you aware of more emotional aspects of your character that you usually keep locked away and hidden from view. Cooking lunch often symbolises an opportunity for shared fulfilment and you are instinctively attracted towards this. However, the presence of this person is making you question your rational views of the world and that is making you quite anxious.

Even though you try to close yourself away from the influence of this person, you realise that you cannot avoid them even though you are trying to give the appearance of being unavailable. There is  no solid reason to ignore this person who has come into your life. You know deep inside that your best option is to stop hiding behind your intellect and begin coming to terms with your feelings for them.