Following my guest appearance with Chris Evans on his Radio 2 Drivetime show I have been inundated with literally (or should that be numerically) thousands of emails asking for help with your dreams.

I have managed to reply to lots of them but it looks like I won’t be able to answer you all individually. I am giving priority to those dreamers who seem to be in the most genuine need of some assistance and I am sure you will all understand this approach.

However, as the psychologist and mythologist Joseph Campbell said ‘A myth is a public dream; a dream is a private myth‘ so I will be posting some of the more common subjects that we all dream about and what these dreams often mean to us. This means you may not get an individual interpretation of your individual dream but there will be even more searchable information about dreams available on the website.

So before dashing off an email to me, try using the wee search box on the front page. This also searches the Nodcasts (podcasts about sleep and dreams) so you can often find what you are looking for.

I have purposefully not included a dream dictionary function on the site. Interpreting a dream is not just about looking up symbols and doing a simple semiotic ‘This means that’.  As Aristotle said ‘The most skilful interpreter of dreams is he who has the faculty for observing resemblances’. Many self acclaimed ‘dream experts’ have a very poor grasp of this principle and claim to use their intuitive skills instead. Intuition can be useful but is no substitute for a really solid grounding in fundamental theory and practice.

As soon as a dreamer starts sharing their dream with me, I am listening out for patterns of symbols. It’s like being a jazz musician; you need to listen for the rhythms and the resonances. Then when you hear a pattern or even a fragment of a pattern, you can start jamming with the dreamer until they hear their own tune.

So take these fragments of meaning from the Diary and the Nodcasts and try weaving them together to make some deeper sense of your own meanings and myths.

And for those you intrigued by how popular culture reflects our dream culture, Joseph Campbell was the man who inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars…

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