[kml_flashembed movie=”http://ianwallacedreams.com/wp-content/uploads/flash/key-west-clouds.swf” height=”180″ width=”240″ /]As we shine our awareness out into the spaces around us, we are constantly evaluating what we see reflected back. We are unconsciously connecting with other people and exploring the possibilities for self awareness that they offer. It may sometimes seem that we are passive observers but we constantly transmit our intentions, needs and perspectives into the space and time we create. In the same way that we create epic dreamscapes, we are constantly creating space and time in our waking lives.

However, as we do this our unconscious awareness has no rigid scripts; it is very improvisational in nature. As we blend our current experience with more ancient wisdoms we make it up as we go along, playing out our family of contextual identities into our surroundings. What seem like trivial social interactions are deeper projections and reflections of who we are and who we could be. We fill the spaces around us with unconscious cues and clues as we try to connect with each other, and so establish contact with our deeper selves.

Our dreaming awareness knows that the best way to for us to connect is to continually create space and possibilities for each other. This is what we all do, every night in our dreams as we act out different characters and meet all sorts of people who seem to hold some sort of unspoken meaning for us. We project our identities into the spaces we create and this unconscious dialogue enables us to converse with undiscovered parts of the self.

In our waking realities, we often do the opposite. Instead of creating space and possibilities for each other, we tend to close each other down. By blocking offers from others, we end up blocking valuable offers from our own selves. The more space that we create for others, the more of ourselves we can see. Rather than blocking someone else, no matter how antagonistic they might seem, it makes much more sense to open up to them and see what they have to offer us.

Opening up to others and hearing what they have to offer us often means letting go of our preconceptions. The more we let go of who we think they are, the more we notice about who they really are. And the more we notice about them, the more we become aware of ourselves. This often gives voice to our unconscious awareness and opens us up to talents and understandings we didn’t even know we had. In our dreams, we let go, notice more and use everything we encounter, and the more we do this in our waking lives, the more connected we become.

Without connection, there is no reflection, and other people are the best mirrors we have. And if we want to influence someone, the best way to persuade them is to reflect their dreams. By creating space for them to dream and to connect with those dreams, we make them a dream offer that is almost impossible to refuse.

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