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Due to the huge volume of dream questions that I receive, I no longer answer dream questions by email, Twitter or Facebook. If you would like me to help you with your understanding of a dream or if you would like to ask a question about dreams, then here’s how to do it. Describe your dream to me or ask me your question in a YouTube video and then just send me the link to your video using the contact form below. After I’ve watched your video, I’ll share my insights with you in a YouTube video on on my Ian Wallace TV YouTube channel.
If you are sharing a dream with me, try to keep your description short and succinct. Not too short, just saying that ‘I had a weird dream’ or ‘my dreams are really bizarre’ doesn’t give me much to go on. And not too long either, try and describe your dream to me in around one or two minutes.
When you are describing your dream, tell me who was in your dream, the events that took place, where you were in your dream and anything else of significance that you encountered. So characters, deeds, locations and artefacts. It’s also great if you can describe how you were feeling in the dream and please feel free to provide any other information that you think might be useful.
It would also be super if you could tell me a little bit about yourself in your video and please don’t feel that your YouTube video has to have Stephen Spielberg production values. Just a simple, short, succinct video will be lovely. And if you can also subscribe to my Ian Wallace TV YouTube channel, then that’s even better.
Production Note: When creating your Dream Question video, it would be great if you could shoot it in landscape format.

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