Thank you for all your appreciative feedback and interest on Dream Twitterings! Many of you have asked how I created my less than 140 character interpretations and how these differ from those offered by Dr Parker. Here is my analysis of the first dream…

@CriticalAnalyst I met Mark Zuckerberg. He handed me a chip-embedded business card and laughed at me.

Dr Parker’s analysis
This is a great dream. Mark Zuckerberg may symbolise the part of the dreamer, specifically the subconscious part of them that desires huge success; the entrepreneur archetype. Being handed a business card should be seen as an invitation to make conscious contact with this aspect of the self.There is an indication that part of the dreamer doesn’t believe that they can actually achieve their goals. Action: the dreamer should work on projects they want to be successful in. This dream is telling them to go for it.

My analysis
‘Take your professional image more seriously. Focus on building strong relationships, not just identifying with particular technologies’. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, a site to help people to create successful and public relationships. A business card is the dreamer’s professional identity which in this case is heavily based on specific technology. The laughter suggests that the dreamer is not taking his professional image and networking contacts seriously enough.

This dream is not about wish fulfilment or technology – it indicates the need to seriously begin building professional relationships and a network of contacts. Read about Dream 2 here…