Following on from Dream 9… In this dream, the dreamer actually wants to communicate insights and ideas that have developed from personal experience rather than just communicate about ‘Areas of your life?’ and ‘People you know?’

@mediasuicide I had a “dream camera” which I could use to distill images taken from my dreams into “real” photographs to show people

Dr Parker’s analysis
I love this dream! If you believe as I do, that dreams are messages to the conscious mind from the unconscious mind, & that they always tell us where we can make changes for the better, then this dream simply, but profoundly, suggests that you want to show others who you really are. This is a ‘Big’ dream. To find out what you want to communicate to others, write down what is in the photographs: Areas of your life? People you know? The answer will be in the images.

My analysis
You want to capture your flashes of creative genius so you can develop them practically to share with other people. A camera is a tool that can be used to capture a particular viewpoint or experience and the dreamer wants to distil these into practical ideas that can be shared with other people. By showing them to other people, the dreamer also can achieve recognition for the ideas being dreamt up.

In conclusion
Although this was heralded as a great social experiment, the same results could have been obtained with any web based publication tool, particularly because these dream interpretations are fragmented over a series of disjointed tweets. The quality and utility of the interpretation is still very dependent on the skills and experiences of the dream interpreter. My dream interpretations tend to differ from those of Dr Parker and this reflects the nature and level of our experience in working with actual dreams and dreamers.