Following on from Dream 4… Again Dr Parker makes an emphatic statement of ‘this always means that’ by stating that ‘The old wise woman in our dreams always links to ‘rites of passage’’. This is the approach of a semiotician rather than a working psychologist.  Although she has identified the feminine aspects, she makes no mention of the fact that this is a learning situation.

@nif125 I had a dream that my cat was teaching a social studies class, and had the voice of my grandmother.

Dr Parker’s analysis
The dreamer needs to pay attention to the feminine aspects of their personality, especially to the part of them that is wise in the feminine ways of the world. The grandmother usually represents female wisdom and/or cultural ways of being a woman. The old wise woman in our dreams always links to ‘rites of passage’ and this one is clearly indicating that socially the dreamer is going through some changes relating to a major life transition.

My analysis
You are drawing on your deeper and more mature wisdom as you learn how to express your instinctive independence among your friends. Dreams involving school or college suggest that the dreamer is learning about a particular aspect of their inner life. These lessons are often about building relationships and expressing identity rather than actual academic study. A cat usually represents comfortable independence and a grandmother reflects a maturing and compassionate wisdom.

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