Following on from Dream 5… There is no such thing as a ‘classic anxiety dream’. Each dream is unique and has a unique message for the dreamer. In this dream, the dreamer may be feeling anxious but they are more likely to feel guilty about their manner of communicating with other people.

@BlueStudios Dreamt I was hunted by black wasps that had evolved the ability to dive under water and continue their pursuit in the pool.

Dr Parker’s analysis
This is such a great dream.The classic anxiety dream, but the dreamer’s worries or negative thoughts (wasps) are infiltrating their their emotional life. Time to address waking stress levels and be good to one’s self.

My analysis
You are concerned that you might hurt the feelings of others in your workplace by making unpleasant and stinging remarks about them. A swimming pool often represents a defined emotional space where feelings need to be contained and this can sometimes be a workplace. Black wasps usually reflect sarcastic and stinging remarks made by the dreamer or made to them. Although this may seem like friendly office banter on the surface, it is beginning to infiltrate the dreamer’s sense of emotional wellbeing.

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