Following on from Dream 6… A prodromal dream is one that offers a premonitory warning of an impending somatic symptom. Prodromal is derived from the Greek ‘pro’ meaning forward and ‘dromos’ meaning running, so a ‘forerunner’. However, many dreams about ill health and physical trauma indicate that the dreamer is in some unhealthy situation in their waking life, rather than suffering from actual illness.

@bmulford Hidden monsters were restraining me with hands behind my back.They were biting my fingers off. Felt the pain even after I woke.

Dr Parker’s analysis
It is quite unusual to feel pain in a dream or to carry this over into waking life after waking up. This could be a prodromal dream: warning the dreamer of something being wrong with their hands/fingers. Prodromal dreams usually cause the dreamer to wake up and remember the details of the dream vividly, and are accompanied with a feeling of knowing that the dream actually contained an important message.

My analysis
You may be experiencing arthritis or tendonitis, affecting your ability to act freely. You need to take action and seek medical advice. A monster usually represents a fear that the dreamer has in their waking life. This is often a childhood fear and it may be that the dreamer has a dislike of hospitals or the medical professions. Fingers symbolise the dreamer’s ability to shape and control their own future so the dreamer is concerned that this condition will impair their freedom in some way.

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