Following on from Dream 7… A practicing psychologist would not usually publically declare that their dream client is ‘not well developed in terms of psychological development’. Also, day residue tends to be ignored as symbolically meaningless brain noise by most dream researchers. However, it can often give insights into the dreamer’s situation in waking life, particularly during hypnagogic and hypnopompic states.

@SarahPrinty Last nite I dreamed fake scenes from “When Animals Attack”.The last one was a giant squid that devoured a scuba diver, whole

Dr Parker’s analysis
The key symbols in this dream are ‘fake,’ ‘attack,’ ‘giant squid’ and ‘scuba diver’! There is a part of the dreamer that is not well developed in terms of psychological development (the squid) or this could possibly relate to emotional maturity. This part of the psyche is attacking or undermining another part of the dreamer that is mature (scuba diver). The dreamer feels eaten alive by the intensity of the part of them self that is attacking the psyche. But they need not worry too much, because this isn’t real, it is fake. Often the biggest fears we have are not so bad when we actually face them. Water, seas, or oceans are all representative of our emotional life. Alternatively, if the dreamer had been watching ‘When Animals Attack’ this could be day-residue incorporating into dream life.

My analysis
You are worried about your emotional independence and concerned that you might be consumed by uncontrollable feelings of jealousy. Dreaming about fake scenes often suggests that the dreamer is not being entirely honest with their own self about some aspect of their waking life. A scuba diver represents the ability to be safely immersed in one’s own emotions and having the skills to navigate the ebbs and flows of feelings. A giant squid often represents the potential for uncontrolled emotional entanglement.

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