Following on from Dream 8… It can be very easy to jump to conclusions when engaging in dream interpretation. Stating that the mermaid is a warning may cause the dreamer needless anxiety in waking life rather than actually encouraging them to celebrate their emerging creativity instead.

@AnaBowlova I didn’t dream of Pandora. My head’s already a box of Pandora. Neither did I see #Toruk. I did dream of seeing a mermaid.

Dr Parker’s analysis
A mermaid used to warn sailors that they were in dangerous water.Is there something going on in waking life where the dreamer needs to be cautious as danger may be approaching?The psyche is alerting them to this. This is a good dream because ‘forewarned is forearmed’

My analysis
You are becoming more aware of how to manifest your creative talents in a practical way as you turn your dreams into reality. Mermaids tend to represent the union of sea and land and the ability to turn creative intuition into practical reality. Seeing a mermaid shows that the dreamer is becoming aware of this emerging talent in waking life.

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