Today Blinkbox tweeted the results of their Twitter dream analysis competition. Dreamers were invited to tweet dreams and have them analysed by Dr Jennifer Parker. Although this was heralded as a great social experiment that that was the first to use Twitter for dream analysis, many dream professionals have been using Twitter to communicate with their clients for years. For example, All Dreaming is a constantly updated stream of what Tweeters are dreaming about right now.

One of the wonderful challenges of dreamworking with Twitter is to explain the meaning of the dream in less than 140 characters. Rather than using multiple tweets to respond as favoured by Dr Parker, I prefer to respond in a single tweet. This retains the immediacy of Twitter as an expressive tool instead of having to trawl through multiple tweets to try and piece some meaning together. Here are the 10 dreams that were tweeted, followed by my own 140 character interpretations.

@CriticalAnalyst I met Mark Zuckerberg. He handed me a chip-embedded business card and laughed at me.
Take your professional image more seriously. Focus on building strong relationships, not just identifying with particular technologies.

@Squeaky_the_pin David Cameron lost the election because he lied about the number of children he could fit into a paper bag. Honestly!
You have a fear of failure because you are trying to develop too many plans and ideas at once. Choose one and start putting it into action.

@4Laurel The strangest dream I’ve had recently involved a miniature Mylene Klass living in my sock drawer! Is analysis possible?!
Although you are comfortable with your creative activities, you habitually belittle your talents. Be more confident in showing your skills!

@shuzh3n I always dream that I’m shopping but can’t find anything to buy.
You are searching for a job or a life purpose that will bring much deeper meaning and value to your life. Follow your heart.

@nif125 I had a dream that my cat was teaching a social studies class, and had the voice of my grandmother.
You are drawing on your deeper and more mature wisdom as you learn how to express your instinctive independence among your friends.

@BlueStudios Dreamt I was hunted by black wasps that had evolved the ability to dive under water and continue their pursuit in the pool.
You are concerned that you might hurt the feelings of others in your workplace by making unpleasant and stinging remarks about them.

@bmulford Hidden monsters were restraining me with hands behind my back.They were biting my fingers off. Felt the pain even after I woke.
You may be experiencing arthritis or tendonitis, affecting your ability to act freely. You need to take action and seek medical advice.

@SarahPrinty Last nite I dreamed fake scenes from “When Animals Attack”.The last one was a giant squid that devoured a scuba diver, whole
You are worried about your emotional independence and concerned that you might be consumed by uncontrollable feelings of jealousy.

@AnaBowlova I didn’t dream of Pandora. My head’s already a box of Pandora. Neither did I see #Toruk. I did dream of seeing a mermaid.
You are becoming more aware of how to manifest your creative talents in a practical way as you turn your dreams into reality.

@mediasuicide I had a “dream camera” which I could use to distill images taken from my dreams into “real” photographs to show people
You want to clearly  capture your flashes of creative genius and develop them practically so others will be able to recognise your talent.