A dream is how you naturally express a fundamental aspect of your self-awareness. This fundamental awareness is your unconscious self and is quite simply all the areas of yourself that you are not consciously aware of. Although these may seem to be of little consequence in waking life, most of your behaviours are driven by your unconscious self and all the information you absorb with it in every waking second.

When you create a dream, you are using it as a natural way to make sense of all the information and experiences that you are unconsciously aware of in day-to-day reality. This individual sense-making process can give you meaningful insights into specific challenges that you encounter in waking life. The language that you use to express yourself as you make sense of your unconscious awareness is the language of imagery.

As well as using visual imagery in the dreams that you create, you can also use auditory (hearing), olfactory (smelling) and tactile (touching) imagery. The images that you create in your dreams reflect how you see your self-image in waking life and enable you to imagine the person that you have the power to become.