Sleep and Well Being

In our increasingly connected and switched on world, many people find it difficult to disconnect and switch off. For many, a good night’s sleep has become a luxury, like a celebration meal or a drinks party. However, ensuring that we have enough sleep is probably the single most important factor in leading a healthy life.

Without adequate sleep, our immune system begins to suffer, making us far more vulnerable to minor ailments like colds and flu, and making it more difficult for us to recover from serious illnesses. Our judgement becomes impaired and we find it far more difficult to concentrate and retain information.

There are a number of simple things we can do to ensure that we experience high quality sleep. The key factor is that your sleep environment should be for sleeping only. A television or computer in your bedroom will often over stimulate your conscious mind as it begans to relax prior to sleep.

It is also helpful to avoid caffeine before a sleep period, and also heavy meals and alcohol consumption, as these will prevent the body from becoming deeply relaxed, and so prevent a deep sleep experience.