When you dream of flying, you feel as if you are being released from some limitation or obligation in your waking life. Much of our language around our obligations involves metaphors that are based on weight. We speak of the ‘gravity of the situation’ or ‘a weighty decision’ and when we are released from a heavy responsibility we often describe it as ‘walking on air’.

The flying dream reflects this sense of liberation and shows you have been released from circumstances that were weighing you down in some way. The removal of this burden frees you up to make your choices and act on them without any constraints, giving you the feeling of flying ‘free as a bird’, swooping and soaring without limitation.

This freedom of choice often occurs during the creative process when you are expressing your unique talents as you transcend mere practicalities and procedures, raising your game far beyond them. If you find it difficult to get off the ground or encounter obstacles in your flying dreams, it usually suggests there is a situation that you are still too attached to in your daily life.

When you find yourself flying an unusual vehicle, this shows you have a unique skill that gives you a great sense of liberation when you use it. Being a passenger indicates you are currently in a situation that gives you some freedom but not as much as if you were in charge of taking your direction.

This dream reflects how you are releasing yourself from limitations in your waking life and feeling more liberated than usual. Although you may regard this feeling of liberation as just luck or coincidence, it is usually because you have managed to create an opportunity for yourself. Background

It can be worthwhile to consider other opportunities and chances in your daily life where you can take yourself off into the realms of new possibilities. To sustain your flying dreams, try to avoid airy-fairy thinking and ensure you have a solid platform for launching your ideas and a safe and appropriate place to land them.

Although we have only been able to experience powered flight since the early 20th century, the sky has been linked to the powers of our imaginations for tens of thousands of years. We can’t see the top of our heads without a mirror and this can often give the feeling that our heads and our soaring imaginings are open to the wide blue yonder above.

The sky has come to represent how the human imagination is one of the most powerful gifts we possess. In most religions and mythical cultures, the most powerful deity is the one who rules the sky.