Flying dreams often begin with the sensation of floating or perhaps jumping into the air and staying there. As you realise that the force of gravity is no longer holding you back, you soar up into the sky and begin to fly through it. It seems that you can just steer your course by imagining the direction that you want to go in and you have a tremendous feeling of exhilaration.

When you create a dream of flying, it suggests that you feel as if you are being released from some weighty obligation in waking life. It may have been that the gravity of a particular situation was holding you back or that you had to make a decision that was weighing heavily on your mind. The removal of this burden frees you up to make your own choices and can feel very uplifting.

Sometimes you may be flying on your own, like a superhero, and in other dreams you might be in an aircraft or some unusual flying vehicle. The type of flying machine that you find yourself in reflects your talents in day-to-day life. The more unusual that the aircraft is, the more unique the skills you have for freeing yourself up, so that you can launch yourself into new opportunities.

The action from this dream is to acknowledge how you are releasing yourself from previous limitations in your day-to-day life and are realising other opportunities for liberating your talents. Although you may regard this feeling of liberation as just a lucky coincidence, it usually arises because you have managed to create a powerful opportunity for yourself in waking life.