Teeth Falling Out

A dream of your teeth falling out often begins when you suddenly notice that some of your teeth are becoming loose and are starting to fall out of your gums. You desperately check your other teeth, but then they start to wobble too, and it seems like they might also become completely loose at any moment. It may be that you end up spitting your teeth out or perhaps you can feel your teeth just crumbling into powder.

When you dream about your teeth, you are usually contemplating how powerful and confident you are feeling in your day-to-day life. You show your teeth when you smile and when you bite, and so they often indicate how happy and self-assured you are being in waking life. Dreaming of losing your teeth indicates that a particular situation is challenging you in your day-to-day reality and has caused you to lose confidence in your usual ability to deal with it.

Like teeth dropping out one by one, receiving a knock to your confidence in one area of your life can often cause you to lose your nerve in other areas. Your self-assurance can begin to wobble and you may often find it easier just to keep your mouth shut rather than trying to ineffectually speak up for yourself. Crumbling teeth usually indicate that your self-confidence is crumbling in a particular area of your day-to-day life.

The action from this dream is that you just need to appear more confident in whatever situation is currently challenging you. Although you may feel powerless in the face of whatever adversity you may be facing, you can often change the balance of power by just acting in a more self-assured manner. The more confident that you appear, then the easier that you will find it to really get your teeth into a challenge and make it a firm success.