Toilet Troubles

In this dream, you are desperate for the toilet and searching frantically to find one. The only toilets that you may be able to find, however, are in strange places or in full public view because they have no walls or a door that you can’t lock. In day-to-day living, the toilet is where you go to release what is no longer healthy or sustaining for you. Dreaming about needing the toilet reflects some situation in your waking reality that has become unhealthy for you but you are unsure of how to let it go.

The situation often involves your individual needs and how easily you find it to express them to other people. In waking life, you often hope that your needs will be met if you look after the needs of other people but it can often end up with other people just dumping their problems on you.

The action to take when you realise that you’re creating this dream is to put your own needs before the needs of other people by simply using the word ‘No’. This enables you to set specific personal boundaries, so that you can look after your own needs. This may appear selfish to you but it is always much easier to look after the needs of other people when you are not always unconsciously anxious about your own needs.

We use toilets to symbolise our needs in our dreams because our first experience of controlling our needs happens at a very young age when we learn to regulate some of our fundamental bodily activities in toilet training. Although we learn to successfully control our physical needs as children, we can often find it challenging to express our emotional needs as adults in case they evoke the same feelings of vulnerability and potential embarrassment.