Familiar Dreams

The dreams you create are stories that express everything you are unconsciously aware of and reflect what you find most meaningful in your waking life. These stories are the natural language of your unconscious awareness and have a deeper wisdom and a broader understanding than your conscious self. All around the world, people are unconsciously creating the same kind of stories again and again, answering questions they aren’t even consciously aware that they are asking. These are often questions like ‘How can I really change my life?’, ‘Why do I always fall in love with the wrong sort of person?’ or ‘Why does no one recognize my talents?

Consistently, your dreams provide the answers to questions like these ones and, although it can be tempting to become fixated on the dream experience, there is no dream without the dreamer. You express your individual psychology through your dreams, illuminating the person you really are, what you actually need and what you truly believe. Instead of just hoping that there is some person or practice than can fix you, your unconscious awareness knows that you are already whole but are just largely unexplored. By exploring your dreams, you can become your own psychologist, guiding yourself towards fulfilment by using these insights from your unconscious awareness.

Like your nocturnal dreams, your daily life might often just seem to be a loosely connected series of random incidents that fill your days and prevent you from realizing your greatest ambitions. The pressures and demands of your waking life can leave you feeling disconnected from your bigger dreams and frustrated at your unmet needs and unfulfilled potential. By becoming more aware of your dreams, however, and how you create them to express your unconscious awareness, you can bring them into the reality of your waking life and begin to live your dreams, rather than constantly searching for them.