Death and Dying

Dreams about death and dying can often be upsetting and can cause us to feel anxious and fearful when we wake from them. However dreams about dying are very rarely about an actual death. Instead, they are reflections of fundamental transformations that are taking place in our waking lives. When we dream of death we are reflecting on something significant coming to a natural end in our waking life. This can signify a major change such as leaving an old job that we have grown out of for the challenges and opportunities of a new one.

A death dream may also suggest to us that it is time to move on and do something different, as our current situation is a dead end and we need to bring our dreams and aspirations back to life. As we explore and resolve dreams about death and dying in our waking lives, we often begin to have dreams about pregnancy, new births and exuberant children. In these dreams we rejoicing that we have left an old life behind in order to welcome and embrace the new.