When you dream of making love with an ex-lover, some situation in your current waking life is triggering an awareness of the qualities that you most powerfully associate with them. Rather than being a wish fulfilment that you want to get back with your lover, you are using your ex to symbolize a growing awareness of these characteristics within yourself.

Making love with that person suggests that you are becoming far more intimately aware of these qualities in your character. If your ex was unreliable and untruthful, then you are letting yourself down in some way by not facing up to the truth. A warm and generous ex shows that you are discovering your warmth and generosity and are being encouraged to express it.

An ex often appears in a dream to warn you not to repeat past relationship patterns with a current romantic partner and this is an encouragement to let go of old behaviours that no longer serve you. You may have been too accommodating with your ex and you may be playing out this pattern again in your current relationship.

Sexual dreams can also be experienced when you are becoming particularly excited about a new creative idea or project. Dreaming of the procreative act reflects that you possess the spark to create something new and unique, and then bring it to life. No matter how much you try to ignore this idea, you are urging yourself to embrace this exciting prospect.

This dream is arousing you to connect with a higher level of your self-awareness. The more aware that you are about yourself, the more you will understand your needs, particularly if you are involved in an intimate relationship.

As this dream illuminates your fundamental identity and needs, it also helps to reveal the deeper sexual and romantic truths of what you really need within a loving relationship. By being more aware of what qualities you are attracted to in a lover, you can make conscious decisions about how to attract the intimate partner of your dreams.

Although we often think that an intimate relationship is all about our encounters with another person, one of the main revelations we experience is an increased awareness of ourselves. The more we open up to another person and disclose our vulnerabilities, the more intensely aware we become of ourselves.

New relationships and love affairs are usually when we encounter the most intense episodes of self-discovery and so when we discover anything new about ourselves, whether in a relationship or not, we tend to equate these deep and passionate feelings with it.