In this dream, you usually feel that everything seems normal and well under control, but then you suddenly feel your legs give way as you stumble and fall. Sometimes the fall may seem quite minor as you trip over a curb or catch your foot on obstacle. At other times, your plunge might be more dramatic as you tumble down apparently endless stairs or plummet down a cliff into a deep chasm.

Falling dreams are often connected to some form of perceived failure in your day-to-day life. They are usually triggered by the sudden realisation that you are unable to completely control the outcome of a particular situation that you are involved in. This can be because you tend to set yourself high standards for the results you produce and may feel like a failure if you aren’t able to maintain this level of success.

This can bring you down-to-earth with a bump and result in you feeling like you are letting other people down, as well as yourself. When you create this dream, however, it is because you need to release yourself from a particular responsibility and just accept the inevitable process of letting go. As soon as you let go, you give yourself the freedom to move on so that you can use your talents to raise your standing in other areas.

The action from this dream is to take a more relaxed approach in specific areas of your waking life. If you are too tense, you are far less likely to notice opportunities and take full advantage of them. The more you can relax, the more that you can influence favourable outcomes by just letting everything fall naturally into place.