Inability to Speak

In this dream we are often desperately trying to say something, but no words come out no matter how much we attempt to shout and scream. We might also find that we have something stuffed in our mouth like a gag, or that our mouth is filled with seemingly endless qualities of chewing gum or sticky food.

Our inability to speak in this dream mirrors an unresolved tension in our waking lives where we really want to say what’s on our mind and to speak and be heard. However, despite all our efforts to do this, we just cannot make our voices heard.

To resolve this dream we need to consider the situations in waking life where we feel ignored or have no way to make our individual opinions heard. We should look at different ways of communicating and the way that we routinely use words and phrases.

If we dream of our mouth packed with chewing gum, we may feel that we have bitten off more than we can chew in waking life. In this case we need to consider our priorities so we can end this sticky situation and move on.